PERU WORLD WIDE S.A.C. is a Peruvian growing company specialized on producing, processing, packing and exporting natural, and certified organic Quinoa (white, red and black) and Amaranth; in all their forms: grains, or processed: flour, flakes, puffed and extruded.

The company was founded by Rafael and Fernando Arrarte, two brothers who are industrial engineers with extensive experience in agribusiness, industrial projects and international commerce. Excited with the exceptional nutritional qualities and benefits that Quinoa can bring to humanity, we decided to launch the company in 2008 with this noble crop as our main export product.

We are located in Arequipa city, the second biggest Peruvian city in the South part of Peru, located at 2,300 meters above sea level.

Arequipa has a dry and sunny weather, very suitable for packing dried products and it is the main Peruvian city producer of amaranth, cochineal and paprika. Quinoa’s cultivation is starting in Arequipa as well with very good results. Puno City, located beside Arequipa at 3,800 m above sea level and nearby the Andes mountain chain, has the world’s largest quinoa production and in this location we have alliances with farmers to obtain the best quality quinoa grains.

  Quinoa Fields (Puno, Perú)   Quinoa Farmers  
  Quinoa Fields (Majes, Perú)  

In our evolution and growing process, after the incorporation of important business partners, we have launched strategic alliances with established Peruvian farmers associations, who are cultivating Red Quinoa for us and we are providing them technical advice.

So we will have available from November 2011, 20 to 40 metric tons per month all over the year, of our own high quality Red Quinoa grains, and we are going to incorporate soon organic fields with White and Red Quinoa and we have also a good source of Amaranth.


Aware of the importance of the safety on the cultivation of crops and the food we sell for human consumption, we have also achieved an agreement with USAID (PRA, Project for relief and reduction of poverty on the highlands of Peru) of the American Government and the main mining companies in Peru, to receive its free cooperation for the technical assistance and advice to the farmers that are working with us.

So they receive free advice from expert advisors on Quinoa cultivation, who live and work nearby their production fields, to assure that they will obtain a high quality product, that meets the International Quality Standards on pesticides residuals, and to obtain a good productivity on their fields.

1) Organic Certificateby BCS OKO-GARANTIE GMBH (Germany) for processing and export:

  • for the USDA'S National Organic Program NOP (until March 2012)
    Document Number:.A-2011-00730 / 2011-00626
  • for the Europe Community (CE), Code number: PE-BIO-615 (until March 2012)
    Document Number:.A-2011-00730 / 2011-00627
  • for Peruvian national market (until March 2012)
    Document Number: PER-WORLDWIDE-066/01.11/0105

2) Food Facility Registration Number (FRN): 10863434818 for the US market according to U.S. FDA requirements and our Foreign Facility US’s agent is TechniCAL. Inc,

3) Buro Veritas Quality Certificate
All our shipments go along with a Bureau Veritas Quality Certification which assures our clients a good quality of our product.

In conclusion we are ready to produce and export a whole range of products according to your requirements and standards, in bulk or retail sizes, natural or organic certified. We can offer our products in all their forms: grains, or processed:  flour, flakes, puffed and extruded.

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