Comparative Advantages in the Agro-Industrial Sector


Thanks to the location near the equatorial line, the perfect year-round weather in the coast, the possibility of having two annual harvests with certain products, and the high growth and harvest rate of agro-industrial products, has allowed Peru to be a world export leader in the industry in asparagus, artichokes, cane of sugar, grapes and paprika. It is projected that the same will happen with mangoes and avocados. (see main products)


Worldwide export ranking:

  • Asparagus 1st
  • Paprika 2nd
  • Olives 3rd
  • Artichokes 3rd

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Our products meet the highest sanitary and production standards in the world. As evidence, farmers residing along the coastal region in Peru´s southern part have specialized in the farming of asparagus and sugar cane. Furthermore, these farmers have also have achieved tremendous success and leadership in the export of said products.

Ample Biodiversity

Diverse types of farming soils (84 of 117 types of soils in the world) and climates (28 of 32 types climates) in a vast zone apt for agriculture (5 million Hectares), from ample zones of large-scale production of asparagus and citruses in the center and north of the country to the production to smaller-scale production of paprika and onions as well as other vegetables in the south. Currently, there exist of between 400 and 500 thousand hectares of earth that have a special program of extension of agricultural farming with investment in irrigation projects.

Labor Cost

At the regional level, Peru maintains the most competitive levels in costs per hour of agricultural manual labor. Additionally, farmers have tremendous knowledge and skills about the products they grow.

Promotional Legal Frame

Peru is one of the few countries that guarantees and protects foreign investments (according to the World Bank, Doing Business) granting tributary benefits and supporting the accomplishment of farming, cattle raising and/or agro-industrial activity, according to Law 2736.

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